"Please — steal our customers!"

Bet you don't hear that every day. But we say it with all sincerity because we really do want our customers to be yours! You see, Go Discount Go operates two shopping websites: Stucount, for students, and Workount, for working professionals. Every day, verified student and professional site members from across the U.S. and Canada turn to Stucount and Workount for exclusive discounts and deals offered by participating merchants—like you!

(Are you a student? Head to www.stucount.com for fantastic student discounts on the stuff you buy every day. Working pro? Get your savings at www.workount.com.)

We help you sell your deals to the right people.
Targeting students? Targeting working professionals?

Capture the hearts and minds of verified student populations across the U.S. and Canada - students actively seeking your products and services.

Sell discounted vouchers to our verified student audiences to win mindshare, grow loyalty and boost revenue.

Join the ranks of savvy businesses everywhere - become a Stucount merchant today.

Put your products and services in front of targeted corporate,association,and other audiences across the U.S. and Canada audiences who need to buy what you sell.

Sell discounted vouchers to professionals with high disposable income who still love to save to become a consumer favorite.

Why lose business to discounting competitors? Win more business yourself by becoming a Workount merchant today.

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